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MenisCo Solutions is a Portuguese consultancy company founded in 2015 whose mission is to supply creative and innovative ideas to the chemical engineering domain. Having initially started as a pure ideation company, it soon enrolled in more complex R&D projects in order to aid the materialization of internally born ideas and concepts.


Working as a cohesive team, MenisCo founders share similar university education in chemical engineering from University of Porto (Portugal), but differ on their subsequent technical specializations and professional experiences. Upon working together they are able to conceive and develop multidisciplinary and synergistic solutions on chemical engineering related challenges.


Aligned with the global trends, MenisCo aims to stand as a solutions platform for the establishment of customized technical based networks comprising infrastructures and experts from distinct environments and scopes, namely:

•    R&D Laboratories
•    Industrial companies
•    Academic researchers


All this in aid of easing the innovation processes of clients and stakeholders.


* * * 


Where to find us:

MenisCo Solutions Lda.


Rua Pinto Bessa, nº522, R/C Esq.

4300-428 Porto


Phone: +351 225 899 800

Fax:      +351 225 899 801

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